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Components for Visual Perception
DIAPLOUS makes integrated components for a next generation of appliances enabled with visual perception. Target applications include industrial vision, image and video indexing, smart surveillance, robotic vision, toy cameras, gender/age sensors and more. Solutions offered include:
  • Complete Vision Systems for Industry
  • Smart Cameras for Robotics
  • Hardware IP blocks for Imaging and Visual Perception 

Strong background in Industrial Vision
Our know-how has been built by installing real-world applications of machine vision in the industry.
Using our smart cameras, we provide full service including design, implementation, installation and maintenance.
Our smart cameras, based on the DIAPLOUS IC architecture, offer the high-performance of a state-of-the art vision system in the compact package and price of a simple industrial camera.


  • Dec'21,   2012: First HomeCare TAD Devices Shipping
  • September 2012: DIAPLOUS partners in the DIGIGLASSES consortium
  • March'12, 2012: ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Nov'  11, 2011: Participate with booth in the VISION exhibition
  • March' 2, 2011: Face Detection and Gesture Detection IP Blocks
  • May'  25, 2010: Provided new IP cores for White Balance & Demosaicing
  • Jan'  11, 2010: DIAPLOUS installs a new Quality Management System
  • Dec'  12, 2009: The first samples of SmartCam80 have arrived
  • Jul'   8, 2009: Our  IP blocks are made available through  IP Genious
  • Nov'   1, 2008: DIAPLOUS moves in Patras Science Park

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


...Visual Perception Chips and Systems